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This report shows that an equivalence of infinite mathematical sequences exists between the Lorentz factor, 1/(1 - v^2/c^2)^(1/2) and a proposed gravitational factor, 1/(1 - GM/R/c^2). The equivalent sequences are derived from infinite product forms of the above relationships. And, just as it is assumed that v^2/c^2 cannot become unity, so too it is assumed that GM/R/c^2 cannot become unity. This leads to a black hole with finite radius, entropy, and event horizon as well as the same for the universe.

Conventional wisdom indicates that such a flat universe would be neither open nor closed. But the conclusion drawn here is that what the mathematics represents is a "confined" universe that exists within its event horizon, confined by a multitude of parallel universes that exist outside the event horizon of each of many-worlds. Together, these many-worlds comprise the multiverse.

This proposal begins with the argument that the linear operators (x), that dictate the evolution of the state of an object, are themselves measured in present states (NOW), not past states (PAST). That is, if NOW = PAST + x * PAST, then NOW/PAST = 1 + x, a trivial result allowing all values of x. On the other hand, if it realized that it is more logical and consistent that, NOW = PAST + x * NOW, then NOW/PAST = 1/(1 - x), a most interesting result that prevents x from achieving unity.

The above result is supported by the overwhelming evidence that the evolution of squared states according to Special Relativity require, NOW^2 = PAST^2 + (v^2/c^2) * NOW^2. That is, NOW/PAST = [ 1/(1 - v^2/c^2) ]^(1/2), the Lorentz factor.

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