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A Many-Worlds Product Paradigm for Quantum Inertia and Quantum Gravity

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Acrobat (PDF) file (561K) quiqug.pdf
Source file (40K) quiqug.tex
DVI file (55K) quiqug.dvi
BMP file (35K) fig1.bmp
BMP file (35K) fig2.bmp
PS file (91K)
PDF file (144K)
Entropy Orbital Simulator (1.6M)
Entropy Orbital VisualBasic 5 (166K)
Install DITTO 2000 EXTERNAL tape drive r5.5(3.1M) ditwintools.exe
MSDOS check for required floppy speed (15K) iodetect.exe
Install DITTO 2000 EXTERNAL tape drive r3.2(6.6M) ditto98.exe

By William D. Eshleman

Abstract: An Investigation of Entropy and Change.

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